I Live On A Mountain Now


Yesterday was my first day as a Summit Intern at the Mount Washington Observatory on the summit of Mount Washington in NH. This mountain is notorious for being the “home of the world’s worst weather”,  and holds the world record for the highest wind speed observed by humans at 231 mph (there has been one higher record, but it was recorded by an unmanned station during a tropical storm). Even though Mount Washington may not be tall compared to the Rockies in the west, it is still the highest peak in the Northeastern United States at 6,288 ft (1,917 m) and the most prominent mountain east of the Mississippi River, and with such wild weather it’s actually a pretty dangerous place.

So here I am. As a meteorology summit intern. Even though I just graduated from college with my degree in Mechanical Engineering. 😀


I’ll be living here for a week at a time with two other interns (who haven’t arrived yet), and the three full time Observers. All men. Nothing I’m not used to. Haha. So far I find them to be professional, kind, and super interesting!

Right now the summit is really quiet, because even though we’ve had two really nice days so far, the auto road and cog railway aren’t open yet. It’s been so nice. After nonstop noise and people and rockets for the last few months, the peace and quiet is a welcomed break.

My day starts early and I’ve been learning a TON, but after work today I found a spot above Tuckerman Ravine and I just sat for a while. I sat and listened to the wind and the streams of melted snow for about an hour.


I think I’m going to like it here.

ALSO there is a summit cat! His name is Marty and he’s warming up to me, but I need him to love me. Because I love him.


I’m going to call it a night. So a have a good one, and I’ll just keep being merry on the mountain (b/c how can you not be?).



2 thoughts on “I Live On A Mountain Now

  1. Such a great experience for you. God has blessed us with such beauty and you are obviously worthy to enjoy its splendor . My husband drove I with our three youngest children, our 17 yr old son and our twin 13 yr old daughters, in his extended cab Ford F-150 … Way to big in my opinion up the auto road . ?.we ( my girls and I ) Cried in fear from the base of the tree lne to the top. Super afraid we would fall off the mountain .. Shacking from fear I stood on solid ground ( at the summit ) trying to hide my fear from our daughters… I vowed to walk down … No driving …but, I did ride down …and blessed to be alive
    But the view was breath taking… Be safe, live life no fear… Set forth and conquer! Blessed life


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