One Hundred Miles an Hour

Today I got to play in 100 mph winds. 102 mph if you want to get technical. 😛

Here’s a pretty cool video of what my morning was like (I’m the person in the red jacket):

I’m pretty flibbing lucky, b/c I might be the only summer intern that sees the crazy winds and rime ice on the summit this summer. I got to learn how to de-ice the instruments on top of the tower, which frankly I’m not very good at. You basically need to stand up in crazy winds smacking stuff really hard with a crowbar. I’m a total weakling.

Another neat tid-bit, the crazy winds mess with the pressure in the building, so opening doors between rooms is nigh impossible! Like… it’s an actual work out. Hahaha

I’ve been struggling with some pretty heavy exhaustion this week (probs cause of the lower oxygen levels), so Imma hit the hay.

Since I’m the new afternoon forecaster, I know that you low lifers have some nice weather on your way! Enjoy the sun, and I’ll just keep being merry on the mountain.




2 thoughts on “One Hundred Miles an Hour

    1. Actually, I was wearing a down jacket underneath, which was too warm (even though the wind chill was like -20F). So I actually had to lighten my layers for the rest of the day. Hahaha


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