Fire Towers

A while back my friend Kristin gave me a map of all the fire tower hikes in NH. Today when I hiked to the summit of Belknap Mt. and discovered a fire tower there I was like… Well darn. Who knew. So after the disappointment Kristin and I suffered after “hiking” to the fire tower in Derry, I hiked another one on the map completely by accident. I guess I know what list I’m working on now. Hahaha

fire tower map

Anyway. It was a really nice little hike. It was nice to be in the woods alone again. It’s been far too long.


If you’re ever thinking about hiking Belknap Mt. there is a long mountain road (Carriage Road) that you need to drive up.  The parking lot is at the very end of the road, so don’t get confused when you see a bunch of cars parked near the gate. That is NOT where you want to park. You’re parking lot is through the gate up the windy road (which becomes a dirt road). I saw lots of people hiking up the road, which honestly made me anxious that I was driving up the trail hahaha. But no you’re supposed to drive up the road to the trailhead.


I hiked up the red trail and down the blue trail (Details here: ), and it took me roughly an hour. There is a nice view from the fire tower, and then on the blue trail there is a nice spot to sit and stare at Lake Winnipasaukee. Don’t forget your bugspray!


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